Register in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database -- its required!

Register in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database -- its required!

Registration services:

499.00 includes steps 1, 2, 4 and 5

Your responsibility is to acquire a registered agent.

Additional cost to you:

Typically, up to $125.00 for step 3 only

Once you have filed your FCC form 499-a, you will have to re-file each April.

If you are an international carrier, you will not have any annual filing costs.

If you are a domestic U.S interstate carrier, you may have charges due to the Universal Service Fund. If your annual contribution is less than $10,000 in any year, you will fall under the deminimis exemption and will not be required to contribute to the Universal Service Fund.

Registering with the FCC’s Mitigation Database can be a complicated process and will require some time. Here are the steps:

· Step 1: Obtain a US based EIN. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity, normally supplied by the IRS - Internal Revenue Service. This EIN does not create any tax or reporting obligation. Foreign companies and individuals are eligible to receive an EIN.

· Step 2: Obtain an FRN (Federal Registration Number). An FRN is assigned to a business or individual registering with the FCC. The FRN is used to identify the registrant's business dealings with the FCC.

· Step 3: Hire a registered agent in Washington D.C. area for Service of Process. The FCC requires all 499 carriers to have an individual or entity which has been designated to receive Service of Process notices, government correspondence and compliance-related documents on behalf of the carrier. Here is one:

· Step 4: Obtain a 499 Filer ID from USAC. The FCC 499 Filer Database is an identification system for all interstate telecommunications carriers, all interconnected VoIP providers, and certain other providers of telecommunications. The 499 is provided by the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC), with whom you must register before you apply for the 499.

· Step 5 – FINAL STEP: Register with the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation & Compliance database. This will include your Robocall Mitigation plan, and unless exempt, your

integration of Stir-Shaken components into that plan. We will provide standard samples of acceptable mitigation plans.

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