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    Digital IP Voice is the STIR-SHAKEN national solutions provider. We digitally sign and deliver your calls with full certification.


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    What is STIR-SHAKEN?

    STIR-SHAKEN provides FCC and Congressionally mandated programs designed to reduce robocalling by validating every ANI and using the insertion of digital tokens into every outbound call.

    Every call producer with USA terminating traffic is required to use verified ANIs with digital tokens attached ensuring calls reach their dialed destinations correctly.

    And... every call producer must register in the FCC's Mitigation Database by September 23. Failure to register will result in your calls being blocked, says this new Federal requirement. The registration includes your mitigation plan, that must address your stir-shaken implementation.

    Digital IP Voice with its partners, is an licensed
    provider of both verified ANIs and digital tokens. It also provides Mitigation Database registration services.

    We generate electronic tokens for call originators, and token validation for call terminators, as required by U.S. Federal law, and the FCC's implementation rules. Tokens are generated and validated through a real-time national database.

    Under the STIR-SHAKEN national protocols, telephone calls without valid digital tokens may be blocked or have phrases such as “Suspected Spam” inserted into the caller’s ID display. Valid tokens will display phrases such as “Valid Call” on the caller’s ID display.

    As an operating CLEC, we can provide these electronic services for:

    Enterprise call generators

    that have been vetted for TCPA and TRACE compliance

    Facilities & Non Facilities

    Facilities-based call service providers as well as Non facilities-based service providers

    In The Cloud

    Cloud-based switching platforms

    TCPA and TRACE Act compliance is the key – if a call generator is not in compliance with these, we cannot and will not provide STIR-SHAKEN services.

    Three different levels of operating STIR-SHAKEN tokens will be issued, and inserted into the SIP header of each call:

    • Attestation A
      Trusted company that originates and terminates calls on the same network.
    • Attestation B
      Trusted company that originates calls on the vendor network, and then terminates the call on another last mile network. (In this case, we supply the originating ANIs for these calls.
    • Attestation C
      3rd party entities that originate calls off-network, come onto the vendor network, then pass the call on another last mile network. Nobody has any idea who the originators are, or what kind of traffic this is. This is the highly targeted traffic for Stir-Shaken identification as suspect calls.
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    STIR-SHAKEN Standards

    Voice Service Providers have been directed by the FCC to implement robust call authentication. STIR-SHAKEN standards create a secure framework to guarantee caller ID is accurate.

    • STIR
      Secure Telephony Identity Revisited (STIR) is a set of technical standards developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to certify the identity of originating calls.
    • SHAKEN
      Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs (SHAKEN) is a framework developed by the Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) to implement STIR within IP-based service provider networks.

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